Alexander Lake Uinta Mountains

Alexander Lake camp

A beautiful picturesque location for putting these amazing trailers through their paces. Testing is key to building the ultimate off-road teardrop trailer. Our suspension systems are similar to what is under a modern 4×4 vehicle (if not better). Getting to Alexander Lake is no problem at all for our Backcountry teardrop trailer. This is what separates these incredible trailers from your common tent trailer. Our trailers allow camping beyond a tent and sleeping on the hard rocky ground.Alexander Lake

Alexander Lake

A testing adventure to Alexander Lake in the Uinta mountains. A beautiful picturesque location for putting these amazing trailers to the test. Alexander Lake is located off the Mirror Lake highway 150 about 1.5 hours from the Salt Lake valley. If you are into backcountry style camping this is a top pick. With great fishing opportunities and just the sheer beauty of Utah’s wild forests, this lake does not disappoint.

Alexander Lake

The Lake sits at 9,340′ in elevation and is fairly easy to get to in a 4×4 vehicle. Some other activities this amazing lake are stand up paddle boarding, and canoe with your dog. The best time of the week is going to be on weekdays. With this lake being not all that hard to get to, weekends are busier. This does in no way take away from the beauty of this great Uinta lake. More about Alexander Lake here.

Alexander Lake



Building Backcountry Trailers

Backcountry Trailers CliffEdge
Backcountry trailers
MIG welded frame

We are slowly but surely getting these amazing Backcountry trailers going. Trailer #1 has been our testing ground for learning how to create the best teardrop trailer possible. With a focus on building a durable long lasting trailer. Ensuring every Backcountry trailer takes it’s users wherever they want for years of family adventures. Production test trailer #2 has taken longer than expected to get finished, but perfection takes time.

Backcountry Trailers Frame Features:

  • Fully MIG welded frame using 2″x3″ x .120 wall and 2″x2″ x .120 wall square tube.
  • 3500 Lb. axle
  • Old Man Emu leaf springs designed for flexing on the trail even when loaded.
  • Ram jacks for leveling the trailer.
Backcountry Trailers
Frame with leaf springs and axle.
Backcountry Trailers
Completed frame with the floor.







Trailer frame and axle are where a good foundation begins. These trailers perform just as well on the highway or on a heavily rutted dirt road or trail. Average trailer leaf springs are small and have very little flex in them. Making these inferior trailers extremely bouncy on rough roads. We have tested these leaf springs driving down bumpy trails deep in the Wasatch mountains.  With these springs the trailer pulls great, and we didn’t even have movement of loose items in galley cabinets.